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No-Shave November: Facial Hair that Shows You Care

October 31, 2023

During the monthlong celebration of No-Shave November, participants bring awareness to cancer research and treatment by forgoing their regular shaving and trimming for 30 days. Some patients undergoing chemotherapy may lose their hair. By allowing your hair to grow, you are embracing your hair, which may be unappreciated until it's gone. Participants may choose to save what they would normally spend on their grooming and donate that amount to cancer treatment or research organizations.

Australia 2004

A start to No Shave November began in Australia in 2004 when 30 men grouped together and decided they would grow their mustaches out to raise awareness of male depression and prostate cancer. This eventually became known as Movember and was one of the first no-shave November fundraisers of its kind. While the movement is slightly different from the current No-Shave November, because it focuses on different men's issues and involves only mustache growing, it is often credited as the early beginnings of No-Shave November.

Chicago 2009

No-Shave November, as it is now known and celebrated, got started as a Facebook campaign started by the Hill family out of Chicago, who wanted to raise money for cancer research and treatment after the death of their father two years earlier. The Facebook campaign was a success, and the idea of a no-shave month for charity caught on quickly.

National Celebration

Decades later, No-Shave November has become a nationwide celebration, resulting in more than $10 million in funds being donated to the family-run, web-based organization to assist with research for treatments and potential cures for one of the most devastating diseases affecting people across the globe. Also, while the celebration originally started with men, both men and women now bank their funds used for hair grooming to provide donations, from the cost of a razor to a salon treatment.

Show your support for cancer research and awareness by ditching your shaver and trimmers this November to make a donation that may help save someone's life.

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